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Helping You Achieve Success

What are you waiting for?

You’ve got dreams and we’ve got the resources to make them happen. You need something practical and crave something meaningful. We get that. We understand working in the beauty industry isn’t just a skill set. It’s an art form. It’s time you rock your inner artist.


  • 1800 clock hour program
  • 12 months to complete
  • Acquire skills in Clipper Cuts, Razoring, Hot Lather Shave, Beard Designing, Chemical Services, Business Management.
  • Longest running barbering program in Nebraska.


  • 1800 clock hour program
  • 12 months to complete
  • Acquire skills in Color, Hair Sculpture, Perms, Nails, Hair Styling, Business Management, and many more.


  • 600 clock hour program
  • 4.5 months to complete
  • Acquire skills in Facial Massage, Body Treatments, Eyelash Extensions, Air Brush Make-up, Spray Tanning, Light Therapy, and many more.


Our Culture

There’s no denying it. We’re a college through and through. And that means you’ll gain experience in addition to your education.Our air is full of laughter as it is hair spray. Smiles come a little easier within our walls. Your fellow students will be more than colleagues. They’ll become mentors, future business partners, and life-long friends. It seems impossible to think that classes can be something you’ll look forward to, but that’s exactly what happens every day at CHD. And when you’re rocking your inner artist surrounded by friends doing the same, how could you not love it?

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!